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Proposed Cemetery Tax on Ballot for Metamora Township Residents

A cemetery tax is on the ballot for those living in the Metamora Township.

WOODFORD COUNTY – We’re learning more about a proposed cemetery tax on the ballot for Metamora Township residents.


The historic Oakwood Cemetery, which is owned by the Metamora Township, is struggling to keep up with its costs because more people are choosing cremation instead of buying graves.


Regardless, the cemetery still has to maintain its grounds and pay for its lawn care.


The township is asking residents to pass an annual tax of up to 20 cents per $100 assessed valuation.


Bob Murphy, the cemetery’s board president, said, "We're looking at a maximum of one percent tax even though we're asking the voters to approve a 20 cent per $100 assess valuation, the maximum that we're going to need to tax is one percent and it may even be less than that."


If the proposition does not pass, money will have to come out of the township funds and that means other services could suffer.


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