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Quinn Aims to Make College More Affordable

Governor wants to double investment in MAP grants

PEORIA – Illinois Governor Pat Quinn touted his plans to make college more affordable for students at Bradley University Wednesday.

However, it’s hinging on making the state’s temporary income tax increase permanent.

Quinn says he wants to double Illinois’ investment in the Monetary Award Program, better known as MAP, over the next 5 years.

MAP gives scholarships to qualified students needing financial help.

Right now, the state gives $373,000,000 to the program.

Quinn’s asking for $50 million more toward MAP in his 2015 budget.

Illinois Democratic Senator Dave Koehler of Peoria says the extra money will come from extending what was the state’s 67% temporary income tax increase from 2011.

“When we run out of money, about $375 million, there are a lot of folks waiting for the MAP grant scholarship, but when the money runs out, that’s a very bad thing,” says Governor Pat Quinn. “We’ve gotta invest in these young people.”

“I agree with that whole heartedly,” says Senator Dave Koehler. “We need to put the money into those places. If we don’t, we’ll have to put them into corrections, juvenile facilities. We know by not doing something, it’s gonna cost us down the road.”

Almost 30% of Bradley Students get tuition help through MAP grants.

If the money is approved in the new budget, Quinn says $21,000 more students would have access to MAP grants.

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