Quinn Signs Illinois Boater Safety Regulations

Quinn Signs Illinois Boater Safety Regulations

Governor Pat Quinn approves several laws aimed at increasing boater safety.
PEORIA - New state laws are impacting the way boaters operate.

Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation requiring drivers under the age of 18 to hold a state safety license.

That law kicks in, in 2006.

From here on out, boaters must display a foot-long orange flag while towing a rider.

And residents convicted of three boater-related DUIs could have their boats taken away.

The Governor says it’s all part of the state’s efforts to make the waters safer.

I think you see a lot of, particular at this time of year, a lot of people out running their boats around. And there's a little more, uh, a little more of an opportunity for people to drink in their boats. And certainly this new law is going to be a good thing I think for Illinois, “said Scott Ward, who has been boating on the Illinois River for seven years.

The license rule only applies to boats that are more than horse power.
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