Red Cross Stages Accident

Red Cross Stages Accident

Demonstrates the dangers of drinking and driving on prom night.

BARTONVILLE - For many teens- what should be one of the most fun nights of their high school years- all too often turns into one of the worst.

This is what could happen when prom night mixes with alcohol and a student gets behind the wheel.

Every year the Red Cross goes to area high schools staging an alcohol fueled crash.

One student is killed as she's thrown through the windshield at limestone community high school.

Real authorities arrive on scene - even someone from the coroner's office.

Even though it's a demonstration- the re-enactment brings out real emotions.

One of the volunteer firefighters is also a student at Limestone.

Being a first responder, you gotta keep your cool but on your inside it's very difficult to do this,” Volunteer figherfighter and Limestone student Ray Vogel said. “If we got one for real, I would be devastated. This is just hard for even being a mock crash this is difficult.”

At the end of the demonstration- the drunk driver is cuffed and taken away.

To really make it sink in- the victim leaves in a body bag.

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