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Residents In Chillicothe Upset Over Possible New Pub

CHILLICOTHE - A new pub & eatery may soon open and residents in a nearby neighborhood are voicing their opinions.
Local business owners in Chillicothe are looking to relocate their business and the proposed location is a vacant building on Route 29.
The vacant building, at one time, was a Pizza hut but it closed more than 3 years ago. 

The proposed business to go into the vacant building would be a restaurant called Luckydogs Pub & Eatery.
It will also have a full-service bar which has residents near the building worried.

"I'm worried about the noise late at night", says resident Sharon Bravo. 
"If it were a home style restaurant I'd be ok with it but it's not", she says. 

Nina Elston personally knows the owners of the potential business. 
She says it would be great for the city and wouldn't be what some people think it would be. 

City Council will meet to discuss the future of the project on Monday night. 
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