Residents Weigh In on Taft Redevelopment

Residents Weigh In on Taft Redevelopment

Near North Side residents give their opinion on the relocation of Taft Homes.

PEORIA – The aging Taft Homes complex is slated for relocation.

More than 60 Peorians attended an open meeting at the Gateway Building downtown Thursday.

The Peoria Housing Authority is looking to disperse the 60-year-old property onto multiple sites.
The main focus of the meeting was relocating up to 50 units of housing to the old Greeley School on Peoria’s Near North Side.

Residents both for and against the proposed project gave their opinions.
Peoria resident Antonio Elizarraraz says, “We come off the Adams exit every day to go to our house. We see a lot of police there. I don’t need to read a newspaper to know there’s some problems going on there.”

“Just stop judging us,” says one resident. “That’s all I say because not all of us down there are bad people.”
“There is a high concentration of poverty,” says PHA CEO Brenda Coates. “We can get individuals in to 30, 40, or 50 unit complexes, but also we can still provide the support services that are needed to create success.”

No action was taken at Thursday night’s meeting.

PHA officials say they have a soft deadline of March 31st.

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