Roller Derby Taking off in Peoria

Roller Derby Taking off in Peoria

PEORIA - Members of the Peoria Push Derby Dames say they have seen a rise in popularity since the team started in 2010.
PEORIA - A popular sport in the 50's is rebuilding a new group of skate fans in Central Illinois.

Roller derby has taken off in Peoria.

The Peoria Push Derby dames hosted a bout against the Prairieland Punishers Saturday night at the Peoria Civic Center.

Each bout consists of two racing periods in which each team scores points based on certain passes.

Peoria Push has noticed a rise in popularity for roller derby.

They say it is because of the fun and camaraderie.

"Not only do we skate around the track with fantastic women, but to actually hit them and still be able to hang out and call them your friends - that's probably the best thing about it," said Angie Agan, who goes by "Skye Scraper". "It's very physical. It;s very rough. What you see is the real deal."

The Peoria Push raise money for a different charity at each bout.

Money from Saturday night's bout will go to the Pediatric Resource Center.

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