Scary Feelings May Resurface as Storm Season Approaches

Scary Feelings May Resurface as Storm Season Approaches

The threat of thunderstorms may cause anxiety, or scare some central Illinois residents more than usual.

PEORIA – Central Illinois is no stranger to severe weather. After last year’s tornadoes, the spring storm season may seem much scarier to some.


Dr. Patrick Gibbons is a psychiatrist with the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and Unity Point Health-Methodist Proctor. He said only about five percent of people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following a weather-related event.


However, he said it’s not rare for much of the population to have anxiety or be somewhat on edge when there’s a threat of strong storms.


He said those overwhelming feelings should pass with time. “The important thing to remember, I think, and remember when you're talking to your kids is that it is a very rare thing that happened to us. We have storms here in Illinois every year, spring and fall are pretty hectic, and to just do what you always did. If there's a severe thunderstorm warning do what you did when you heard that warning."


If things don’t improve, Dr. Gibbons suggests talking to a therapist.


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