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Shaved Heads for a Classmate

6th graders shave their heads for a classmate

Peoria - A local sixth grader was recently diagnosed with cancer so her friends decided to help out.

They found a way to bring her a smile while she's being treated at Saint Jude Children's Hospital.

Sam is in Memphis and her classmates didn't want her to go through her illness alone.

Eighteen boys in her class made the decision to shave their heads.

They gathered at Corpo Bello salon in Peoria and in one fail swoop, eighteen almost bald heads joined their classmate online.

Sarah Hogan, the student's teacher says that her kids are showing support for a friend in need.

“It gives everybody hope and it shows the beauty of the unity we have at our school and the support and love that we have just as one big school family.”

The girls of Sam's 6th grade class also showed their support.

They wore purple bandanas, Sam's favorite color and many are growing out their hair for donation to locks of love.

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