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Sheila Simon Praises Area Farmer's Markets

PEORIA - Bloomington and Peoria farmer's markets have been allowing customers to use Link cards for a few years.
PEORIA - Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon is praising local farmers markets who make sure everyone can afford fresh produce.

Simon made stops in Bloomington and Peoria this morning.

We caught up with her at the Peoria Riverfront Market.

Both markets have been accepting Link cards for a few years.

The Lieutenant Governor says she hopes more farmer's markets catch on, so that everyone can have a chance to afford healthier food.

She said, "If we're eating healthier food, we're going to be spending less down the road on health care from eating bad foods, so this is healthy for our citizens, and it is healthy for our economy."

About one in six people in Illinois rely on Link to their buy food.

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