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Shelves Emptied in Grocery Stores due to Storms

WEST PEORIA - Many grocery stores are having a hard time re-stocking shelves, as many people are packing up on essentials during the winter storm.
WEST PEORIA - Bad weather means big business for area grocery stores.

People were out getting last minute items to ride out the blizzard.

Haddad's Grocery Store says its shelves were clearing out by 10AM Sunday morning.

They say they were slowly starting to run out of the essentials, like bread, meat, and milk.

The store tries to re-stock as much as they can, but being a small business, they can't do so as much as the big chain stores.

"You just can't really be prepared totally," said store Manager Paul Lowery. "We're a small store, so we do enough to fill the shelves. When people come in here and hear that the weather's going to be bad, they're just going to be stocking up."

Lowery said they over-staff to help with the increasing number of people shopping.

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