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State and Local Officials Say Leave the Fireworks to Pros

State and Local Officials Say Leave Fireworks to Pros

State and local officials are urging residents to leave the fireworks to the professionals during the fourth of July holiday weekend. Every year in the U S, people are hurt shooting off fireworks. In 2013, hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 8800 people for fireworks related injuries; 65 percent of these injuries occurred in the month surrounding July 4th. Of all firework related injuries, 62 percent were devastating burns most commonly to the hands, eyes and face. Tragically, homemade or illegal fireworks resulted in 8 fatalities in 2013. According to a release from the Normal Fire Department, most true fireworks are illegal in the state of Illinois, such aerial fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets, sky lanterns and roman candles. While legal, sparklers present a serious danger because of the high temperature of the wire during and after its use. Sparklers burn at temperatures up to 1800 degrees and remain extremely hot long after the sparks have stopped. Meantime, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is reminding organizations and individuals sponsoring fireworks displays in Illinois to be sure their fireworks vendor has the required state licenses and certificates issued by the IDNR prior to their fireworks show.
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