Stopping Teen Drinking

Stopping Teen Drinking

Group Curbing Alcohol Use

TREMONT - April is National Alcohol Awareness month, and one group is looking to stop underage drinking in Tazewell County.

Tazewell Teen Initiative was created to teach teenagers the effects of alcohol consumption and drug use.

They held a town hall meeting at Tremont high school tonight to go over those effects.

In 2012, 27% of Tazewell County students admitted to drinking alcohol, and the initiative hopes that number can go down.

“Drinking, unfortunately, is a problem throughout the country,” Tazewell Teen Initiative Sara Sparkman said. “The more we can get it out there, and the more we can talk about it, students will, hopefully, make better decisions and not drink until they are legal.”

Thanks you federal grants, the Tazewell Teen Initiative puts one town hall meeting each year at a different school in the country.
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