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Strawberries are in Season

Now is the perfect time to go strawberry picking
EAST PEORIA - If you're craving some fresh fruit, now is the prime season for strawberry picking.
Schaer's Country Market is already seeing large crowds in to pick the fresh strawberries.
Picking season lasts about two weeks and today marks the third day of the season at Schaer's.
Families seem to love coming out and getting their hands dirty for their own berries.
Oh what they find, they have to work a little bit,” Larry Schaer of Schaer’s Country Market says. “They got to get on their hands and knees and pick berries, but evidently they enjoy it because we have lots of people always come out to get our strawberries."
And there's still plenty of time and to get your own red and juicy strawberries.
Schaer's Country Market is open seven days a week.
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