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Students Donate to St. Jude

Students at Willow School raised nearly $7,000 in April for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
PEKIN - Local students are donating record breaking amounts of money to St. Jude children's research hospital.
Kindergarten through 3rd grade students at Willow School in Pekin raised $6,949.73 during the month of April.
The students brought in change throughout the month and had help from restaurant fundraisers.
Today, 8-year-old Carlee Regan and her family were present on behalf of St. Jude to learn how much the students raised.
When she was 6 months old, Carlee was diagnosed with a rare cancer and became a patient at St. Jude.
After two and a half years of chemo, her parents say Carlee is now a healthy 8 year old finishing second grade at Dirksen Elementary School.
"It almost brings tears to my eyes because, from a mother's heart, to see these children and how they want to help other children their own age, it's just miraculous in itself," Carlee’s mother, Julie Regan said.
In the past 12 years, the school has raised $62,075.83 dollars for St. Jude.
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