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Students Get Hands Dirty at Construction Career Fair

Over 90 junior high students from across Livingston and Mclean county schools participated.
BLOOMINGTON- Local junior high students escaped the classroom Tuesday to get their hands dirty.

Over 90 junior high students from Livingston and Mclean county schools participated in Tuesday's Construction Career Fair in Bloomington.

Students learned about various construction trades including laying bricks, bending pipes, and wiring a circuit.

Trade workers wanted to expose kids to alernate routes to a career besides just going on to college.

Kids we spoke with say it was a unique experience.

"The thing with the whole only guys can do it, at one of the stations I was the first one and only one who understood how to hook it all together because I've done this with my dad and it's really fun," said Michaela Abbott, a 7th grader from Ridgeview Junior High School.

As a result of the fair, trade workers hope some students will consider applying for apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry in the future.

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