Students Host Unique Fundraiser

Students Host Unique Fundraiser

Kellar Primary School students raising money for Destination Imagination Competition.
PEORIA – Some students at Kellar Primary School earned a special trip, and are raising money in a unique way.

Members of the school’s Powerful Purple Penguins Destination Imagination team earned a trip to the D.I. Global Competition.

The team must raise $8,000 to attend the international event, which takes place in Knoxville, Tennessee next month.

Friday evening, students paid $2 each for a strip of duct tape, and got to tape their principal to a wall in the school’s gymnasium.

“Just an experience you don’t get in school because it’s hands on,” says team manager Rachel Moser. “It’s a lot of teamwork learning, a lot of creative critical thinking skills that you can’t develop behind a desk.”

The students held another fundraisers throughout the week, including a coin war, bake sale, and movie night.
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