Sugar Creek Elementary Takes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Sugar Creek Elementary Takes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

One 4th grade teacher challenged her entire class.
NORMAL- The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is gaining momentum in Normal.

A fourth grade teacher at Sugar Creek Elementary challenged her entire class.

But before students could participate, kids had to learn the causes of ALS and read about Lou Gehrig.

Students were given information packets and even watched part of Lou Gehrig's famous speech.

Teachers says it's important for kids to know the meaning behind the popular trend.

"Not just kind of get in on a fad but kind of question more and kind of seek out answers to things so we just thought it would be a fun way to bring that ice bucket challenge into our learning," added Susan Nicklas, Sugar Creek 4th Grade Teacher.

After their ALS lesson, the students had to get into the action for themselves.

The principal along with the third and fourth graders took on the challenge.

Sugar Creek hopes to donate more than $200 to the cause.

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