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Tackling Tazewell's Taboo Tattoos

County ordinance hopes to curb illegal body art establishments.

TREMONT - Tazewell County is looking to update its ordinances relating to body art.

A meeting Thursday night at Tazewell County Health Department brought together tattoo parlor owners and the public.

They discussed illegal body art facilities and health inspections.

The county already knows of at least five tattoo or piercing shops that are in business without registering with the State of Illinois.

A new ordinance would allow county officials to monitor those facilities.

That means a county inspector could drop in to make sure artists are following the rules.

The goal is to ensure better enforcement and compliance within Tazewell County.

Environmental health educator Emily Stazynski says, “We are trying to make a standard for public health so that everyone has to comply with the same safety standards so that anyone who goes for one of their services can be assured that they are operating under the same code as everyone else.”

A draft ordinance will be presented to the county board to bring the county in line with state code.

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