Taft Homes Holds Community Event to Fight Crime

Taft Homes Holds Community Event to Fight Crime

Tuesday is "National Night Out Against Crime" and residents in one Peoria neighborhood took action while also having fun.
PEORIA – Tuesday was nationally celebrated as “National Night Out Against Crime.”

Areas all across the country took action to prevent criminal activity from growing in their communities, and Peoria neighborhoods were no different.

Taft Homes was just one of the registered sites holding an event to promote crime and violence prevention.

On Tuesday evening there were games, food, music, and even a face painter at the Taft Homes Pavillioin.

Brenda Coates, Executive Director of the Peoria Housing Authority, said they incorporated these elements so that area youth learn the importance of preventing crime at an early age.

Coates says a major part of cracking down on crime is dispelling stigmas of violence that may be associated the area.
“We are a part of the community. We want the community and the public to see, you know, Taft [Homes] is neighborhood just like other neighborhoods in our community.”

Penny Lawrence lives at Taft Homes. She said she brought her kids to have some fun before they return to school, and she also likes them meeting local law enforcement.

“They're the men and women who protect and serve you so it's good to know who they are,” said Lawrence.

Peoria Police officers say they also see benefits to connecting with the community.

“They see you here and then they'll see you again when something happens,” said Sgt. Doug Hopwood, “and they'll say 'I know that guy and I'm going to go up and talk to him’ and [then] give us information, maybe, that helps us solve stuff.”
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