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Taste of Elmwood Benefits November Tornado Victims

ELMWOOD - It has been four years since a tornado went through Elmwood.
ELMWOOD - Elmwood residents remember, what it was like when a tornado went through their town almost four years ago.

"I've lived in Elmwood all my life," Elmwood resident Diana Ladd said. "I, literally, broke down. You just couldn't believe what it looked like."

So when the city of Washington was devestated by a tornado in November, Elmwood wanted to help out.

Organizer Patrick O'Brian said, "We banded together about a month and a half ago. We continued to meet every Monday for every two months. Got everything organized. This is what has come to fruition today."

This is the first ever Taste of Elmwood.

"All the area restaurants combined together," O'Brian said. "We have our inflatables, a bake sale. We have so many baked goods."

Elmwood fourth grade teacher Pat Vaughan is volunteering her time selling those baked goods.

"They're all baked goods that have been provided by the different churches in town. We don't have too much left," she said. "When this gets sold out, I guess we'll hang up our shingle and be done."

The money raised will go to the those still picking up the pieces from the November tornado. Many Elmwood residents say they remember how much helped they received. Now, they want to return the favor.

"People helped us," Ladd said. "People came and helped us out on a daily basis."

"It's the least we can do, and we didn't have close to the damage of what we did." Vaughan added.

This sign says it all - "We will be better than before". Elmwood is at that point. They want to make sure Washington gets there, too.

"There were things got changed because of the tornado," Vaughan said. "I'm hoping it brings good change for them."

The Taste of Elmwood also included a silent auction and a concert.

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