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Tazewell County Health Department Proposing Body Art Ordinance

The Tazewell County Health Department is proposing a body art ordinance that will help its inspectors crack down on unregulated facilities.

TAZEWELL COUNTY – The Tazewell County Health Department is crafting an ordinance to crack down on unregulated body art facilities.


The county already knows of at least five tattoo or piercing shops that are in business without registering with the state of Illinois.


Because the state is overwhelmed, the body art industry is falling through the cracks. The new ordinance would allow county officials to monitor those facilities.


That means a county inspector could drop in to make sure artists are following the rules. Sara Sparkman, with the Tazewell County Health Department, said, “Making sure they're using the right equipment, making sure that it's sterilized properly, that diseases aren't on that equipment that's going from one person, that's getting a tattoo to the next person, that's the major concern."


The Tazewell County Health Department is holding a public meeting on Thursday. It’s at the health department at 6PM.



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