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Tazewell's Tattoo Artists Appreciate Potential New Ordinance

If you think tattoo artists are the type that like rebel against authority, meet the guys at American Inkwell.

PEKIN - One local tattoo parlor is happy their competitors might have to register with the state.

It's a story we're following up on tonight.

According to American Inkwell, the ordinance would hardly affect them because they're already a registered business.

There would be a slight increase in their annual fee to the Tazewell County Health Department.

But they are happy to pay the toll if it would mean a safer environment in local parlors. The five registered parlors in Tazewell County are American Inkwell, Big Top Tattoos, Infinity Studio, Insane Ink Tattoo and Permanent Makeup by Deb.

“It's going to improve because Tazewell County at least can document who is working, Who is working in the county, What studio they are working at, and how long they've been working. So if anything changes in their future, they can have documentation of who it is.”

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