The Free Little Library Needs Some Big Help

The Free Little Library Needs Some Big Help

A community bookshelf is seeking donations for children's books.
BLOOMINGTON- A unique library in Bloomington could use a little help.

The Free Little Library on Allin Street near Miller Park in Bloomington needs more books.

It's a small bookshelf filled with books for adults and children.

Residents are free to take or give a book whenever they choose.

The library has been around for about 2 years and has plenty of adult books to share, but is coming up short on childrens books.

Donations are being sought for all kinds of kids board books.

One frequent user says it's a wonderful thing for Bloomington's West Side to have.

"It means a lot, ya know. It's very convenient for me. It's right around the corner from the house. I don't have to go far to the library, ya know. So it's very convenient and it's nice for her to have a library outside her house. I see many people coming over to get books," commented Mike Smith, a Bloomington Resident.

Organizers say it takes a neighborhood effort to keep the library going.

If you would like to donate some books, you are asked to contact Karen Hanrahan via her Facebook page to set up a drop off time.

You can also contact her through her blog at

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