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Town of Normal Bans Parking in Uptown Circle

Effective June 16th no parking of any kind will be allowed.
NORMAL- If you plan to use Uptown Circle as a quick drop off, think again.

The Town of Normal will ban parking in Uptown Circle starting Monday.

Currently drivers can park there for two minutes but too many people abuse that and go over the time limit.

As a result, the town decided to ban parking for public safety.

"We've had people leave their cars here. We've had people go into Subway and buy a sandwich and come out fifteen minutes later. We've had people go into buy tickets and sit here for half an hour waiting for someone to come out. Clearly our best efforts haven't worked," said Sally Heffernan,Assistant City Manager.

Drivers are allowed to park in the Uptown Station Parking Deck at no charge for the first hour.

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