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Twin Cities Honor Michael Collins by Paying It Forward

Residents are performing random acts of kindness.
NORMAL- The Twin cities community has started up a new facebook page to help honor Michael Collins.

It's called "Paying it Forward for Michael Collins."

Lots of people are doing their best to spread a little kindess in memory of Michael.

Random acts like tipping servers, paying for auto repairs, and buying cups of coffee are happening all over town.

Some people from out of state are getting in on the generous act.

One server we caught up with says it can make a huge impact on others lives.

"It means a lot because it helps out with my life, pays my bills, and hopefully I can contribute that forward to someone else whenever I go out to eat. It's just great karma," said Devon McKinnerney,an Avanti's Server.

After receiving his tip, Devon payed it forward by leaving a big tip for his server when he went out to eat.

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