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Two In Custody, Charged For Involvement In Secor Murder

New developments on the horrific murder authorities believe happened in Woodford County.
WOODFORD COUNTY – New developments on the horrific murder authorities believe happened in Woodford County.

Police now have two people in custody for the murder of the assumed victim Oakley Mitchell.

Vishawn Mills and Rayshawn Johnson are each facing one charge related to the presumed death of the 74-year-old.

Mills is charged in McLean County court with the concealment of a homicidal death and Johnson is charged in Woodford County court with first degree murder.

At a press conference on Thursday, authorities released more details on the case.

McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery said, “The investigation started with McLean County Sheriff's Office and McLean County Coroner's Office after we received information about a body located in the Mackinaw River.”

That was Saturday, August 3rd when authorities identified a male torso in the Mackinaw River near Kappa.

However, days later, detectives made another gruesome discovery – more human remains.

Lt. Jon Sandage, with the McLean County Sheriff’s Department, said, “It was at that location that we realized that it was probably the crime scene and information gained there led us to possible suspects.”

That location is 74-year-old Oakley Mitchell’s home. The home police said he shared with the two accused suspects, Vishawn Mills and Rayshawn Johnson.

Police said Mills was Mitchell’s caregiver, and Johnson was her boyfriend.

Shortly after police came across the crime scene, Mitchell was reported missing by his family. Sandage said, “Information received once we got to the victim's residence, there was information gained that the suspects had ties to the Indianapolis area.”

On Wednesday, Police contacted Indianapolis authorities and they were able to arrest Mills and Johnson.

The two accused are now in custody, in central Illinois. However, authorities said this case is not closed.

Woodford County State’s Attorney Greg Minger said, “I do anticipate once we get all the information collected there will be more charges brought.”

Police still are not releasing information about a possible motive, or what they found at the crime scene, due to pre-trial rules.

As we have reported, police said they “strongly believe” the victim is Oakley Mitchell, but they’re waiting for DNA confirmation to be 100 percent sure.
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