Union Workers Celebrate at Labor Day Picnic

Union Workers Celebrate at Labor Day Picnic

Picnic provides family environment for many.
PEORIA - Some of those marching in the Labor Day Parade kept on going right to the Labor Day Picnic.

Many of the unions continued their celebrations at the picnic.

Local vendors fired up the grills and there was plenty of entertainment at the family-friendly party.

We spoke with a few people who said the picnic is a great time to network with other union workers while spending time with the family.

“It's showing how strong we are in the area and how big of a family we are. And we watch out for each other and make sure everybody goes home safe tonight,” said Vince Didonato of the Ironworkers Local 112.
The event featured a live concert as well as face painting and other fun activities for kids to do.  
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