U.S. House Majority Leader Visits Peoria

U.S. House Majority Leader Visits Peoria

Kevin McCarthy supports former Central Illinois politician.

PEORIA - A political heavy hitter visited Peoria today to support a fellow Republican.

New U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was in town to give his approval of former local politician- Bobby Schilling.

 Schilling will face off against incumbent Cheri Bustos for the right to represent the 17th District in Congress.

He lost the seat to Bustos in 2012.

  Schilling and McCarthy both believe generating more job opportunities for the middle class is important for Illinois.

What we need to do here in Illinois, whether it's in the Illinois 17th District, or throughout the entire state, is we need to get the open sign turned back on. We need to make this business friendly,” said Schilling

“When I ran for majority leader, I've always said these attributes and principles have to apply. You have to have the courage to lead and the wisdom to listen,” said McCarthy.

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