U.S. Rep. Bustos Tours Local VA Clinic

U.S. Rep. Bustos Tours Local VA Clinic

The congresswoman says she is satisfied with the Bob Michel VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic.

PEORIA - Congresswoman Cheri Bustos gives a local veteran’s clinic a thumbs up after a tour of the facility today.


The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs put the Bob Michel VA Clinic on a list for further inspection amid the national controversy.


The local clinic had three people on a new patient waiting list for more than 90 days. That prompted the federal department to flag it.


Since then, Bustos says the clinic has implemented a new electronic scheduling system, and they now have zero patients on that wait list.


Bustos met with top administrators and patients today to discuss the clinic’s operations.


“I walk away from here today after talking with the veterans feeling better than I did walking into it that the patients feel, at least the patients I talked with, feel like they’re receiving good care,” Bustos said.


The clinic sees nearly 10,000 patients every year and has quickly run out of space. Bustos say they want to expand but that process could take up to five years.

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