USPS Workers Protest In Pekin Thursday

USPS Workers Protest In Pekin Thursday

PEKIN - Local USPS workers line the parking lot out in front of Pekin's Staples store Thursday afternoon.
Dozens of postal workers chanted outside the Staples store in Pekin Thursday afternoon. 

They were there protesting Staples allowance of postal counters in their stores. 
Both current and retired employees lined the edge of the parking lot Thursday.

Protesters wore T-shirts, held signs and chanted "Stop Staples - The U.S. Mail Is Not For Sail". 

Brett Waldrob is a clerk for the United States Postal Service. 
"We're trying to staples from pretty much taking our work and our jobs", Waldrop says. 

"We took an oath that we will protect the mail and these people don't do that. We are trained to handle the mail and these people aren't", says American Postal Workers Union President Bob Gunter.

Gunter is the president of one of the local unions in Central Illinois. 

"We're afraid of privatization", he says. 

Today's protest was apart of several protest across the nation.
Postal workers have coined today as "National Day of Taking Action"
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