Veteran Remembers D-Day

Veteran Remembers D-Day

70 years later, veteran recalls D-Day
East Peoria - An East Peoria man is remembering his experience in France seventy years ago today.

Joe Powers is in his nineties now, but when he was just 21-years-old, he led Company A of the 506 Parachute Infantry.

His job was to parachute into a group of German troops during the invasion in Normandy.

Powers says he was the first to jump, and what happened after that was not planned.

“When I jumped out of the plane, I was the jumpmaster and I was supposed to have 15 to 20 guys behind me but they got hung-up in the door with their equipment and I came down all by myself and there goes the plane with nobody coming out of it," said Joe Powers, a D-Day Veteran.

Powers was separated from his fellow soldiers for hours.

He says he still keeps in touch with his buddies from the war.

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