Village of Glasford to Vote on Sunday Liquor Sales

Village of Glasford to Vote on Sunday Liquor Sales

What residents will vote on in March.
GLASFORD - The Village of Glasford is dry on Sundays, but that could all change after the March 18th vote.

The owners of Whitetails Bar and Grill put in a request to the county board in September to make it legal. They say Sundays are big for sports and if the bar was open it could increase revenue and tax dollars.

“Kingston Mines and Mapleton are both open on Sunday and they're usually quite busy. So I feel like I am missing out a little bit on some of the business," said owner Nanette Rudd.

If the vote passes, all establishments with a liquor license would be able to start selling alcohol on Sundays. But not everyone in the village agrees with that.

“Just mostly because of the day of rest. And how most businesses should be closed and everybody should be with their families,” said Glasford Baptist Church pastor, John Donaldson.

Rudd said she thinks the vote will pass.
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