Village of Roanoke Considering New Community Center

Village of Roanoke Considering New Community Center

Village Hall is currently seeking public opinion before moving forward.
ROANOKE- The Village of Roanoke is asking for the community's input as it considers building a community civic center.

Roanoke wants residents to fill out a simple survey asking how they feel about the project.

An official design has not been chosen yet, but the village envisions the center as one building centrally located downtown.

It would house the library, Village Hall, and the American Legion.

It would also serve as a gathering place for fundraisers and special events.

A few organizations have already pledged their support, but the village wants public feedback before moving forward.

"I think it would be a good thing. I like this location where my library is now but I don't want to stop progress so I think it could be worked out," commented Marge Braker, Roanoke Librarian.

Surveys can be submitted online at

Paper surveys are also available at Roanoke Village Hall and must be returned by August 8th.

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