Volunteers Clean Up Historic Cemetery

Volunteers Clean Up Historic Cemetery

More than 80 volunteers spend their Saturday helping the historic cemetery

Historic Springdale Cemetery put out a call for volunteers last week and the community responded in full force to take action.

More than eighty people gave up their Saturday morning for a clean-up event.

They spent hours raking leaves, picking up twigs, and bundling branches.

The cemetery has almost two-hundred and fifty acres... which doesn't make the job easy.

The goal was to prepare the space for spring and summer activities as well as give the grounds crews a head start.

General Manager Mark Matuszak explains, "We'll have five 52" mowers out on the grounds, virtually every hour of every day of the week. Once we make a pass, we have to go back and do it again."

Volunteers also cleaned equipment and helped improve security at the historic cemetery.

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