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Walmart Hiring 55,000 Seasonal Workers

Walmart will hire thousands of people to help with a very busy holiday season.

PEORIA – One retail giant is gearing up for what it expects to be a very busy holiday season.

Walmart announced this week it will hire 55,000 seasonal employees. That’s up ten percent from last year’s temporary hiring.

A Peoria Walmart manager said some job opportunities include cashiers, stocking, and overnight positions.

Manager Dan Sharp said, “Christmas time is very busy for us, busiest time of the year, the fourth quarter. The company is going to hire 55,000 people across the country, 35,000 people are going to go from temporary positions to full and part time positions.”

Sharp said a good share of jobs will be open in the Peoria area. That also includes stores in Morton, Canton and some of the other outlying areas.
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