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Warm Temps Bring Increase in Customers

Emack and Bolios see more foot traffic with the nice weather

PEORIA - Spring is here and with it finally has come some warm weather.

Many people are leaving their homes and enjoying some summertime treats.

The owner of Emack and Bolios in Peoria Heights says business has been booming for the last few weeks… but the last week has been especially busy.

The store says that getting back outside puts people in a better mood, but hot weather could be just as bad for sales.

"If it gets too hot that slows people down. People don't like getting out there, getting out in the heat like that. We've got a unique store. You can come in the air conditioning. You don't have to stand outside and eat it" explains Co-owner Tim Hennessey.

Emack and Bolios says the peak season for ice cream sales goes from now until October.

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