Washington Business Reopens Its Doors

Washington Business Reopens Its Doors

WASHINGTON - Advance Auto Parts reopens after nearly six months of being closed.
Advance Auto Parts in Washington was 1 of 5 businesses who suffered severely from the deadly tornado outbreak last November. 

If you saw the building after the tornado struck it, it looked like a pile of rubble.
Now, you'd never know anything happened. 

Danny Conner is the General Manager of the parts store and says he's glad to be back open. 
"People have been stopping by all day just to come in and say they're glad to see us open", Conner says. 

Another person glad to be back at work is John Walker.
Walker was 1 of 3 employees in the building when the tornado hit. 

"We saw it coming across the road and we took cover in the bathroom", Walker says. 
"It was nerve racking come in here and restocking the shelves but now that i've been here a few days, things are better".

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