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Washington Community HS Students Take A Day To Help Pickup Debris

WASHINGTON - Students from WCHS learned about taking care of each other and helping out your neighbors Thursday.
The resilient town of Washington came together once again Thursday.

Students from Washington Community High School spent their day helping clean farm fields covered in debris from November's tornadoes. 
It's part of their "Paying It Forward Campaign"

Nearly 400 freshman and seniors spent a few hours cleaning up Thursday. 
Nails, shingles and other debris they found was thrown in piles of rubble to be burnt or thrown away. 

Jessica Learned is a junior as WCHS.
She says her home was severely damaged by the tornado, which is why she decided to help clean.

"It's just such a blessing to see strangers come out and help you", Learned says. "Who knows, maybe i'll find some of own belonging out here", she says. 

The field they cleaned all day Thursday was the one next to the subdivision that was hardest hit.
The tornado blanketed the field in debris. 
Students did their best to clean as much of the 70-acres as they could.  
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