Washington Native Starts Multimillion Dollar Business

Washington Native Starts Multimillion Dollar Business

Nathan Huskins exports cars to other countries out of his basement office in Washington.
WASHINGTON – This is not your typical car dealership, and Nathan Huskins is not your typical car salesman.

He’s a car exporter out of Washington. It started seven years ago when Huskins was only 25.

He was working at a dealership when he listed a car on Ebay, and a customer from Iceland out bid all the rest.

But Huskins said he was skeptical until he talked to the customer.

“The guy calls me and says, ‘Give me your wire information. I’ll wire the money.’ And he did the next morning, so I started researching and found out that it was, you know, a multibillion dollar business, so I just started attacking it after that and growing the business from there,” Huskins said.

Huskins is now a licensed dealer and mainly limits his deals with other dealers across the world.

“Either the country doesn’t have the vehicle because they just don’t offer it there or maybe the supply and demand such as the China market, there’s so much demand there,” Huskins said. “Even if they have the vehicles, they want more and more and more and more.”

Once he makes a transaction, the car is shipped by boat or sometime even airplane.

In the last year, Huskins’ company reached $50 million in sales, and he says he expects to reach that again this year, and it’s all due to that first sale on Ebay.
“Took a leap of faith and you know, just never looked back, but it’s been good, but now, I had no idea that this was going to happen,” Huskins said.

Thanks to that leap of faith, Huskins has eight employees and is soon moving out of his basement office to his own store front on Summit Drive in the next six weeks.

Since Huskins works with dealers from all over the world, he has to deal with time zones.

He said he can be up until two or three in the morning calling or emailing potential customers.

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