Water Main Break Leaves One Bartonville Man Searching For Answers

Water Main Break Leaves One Bartonville Man Searching For Answers

It seems like nobody is helping Ray Satchfield after is house is damaged by flooding that he says was caused by a nearby water main break.


BARTONVILLE - A water main break leaves one Bartonville resident searching for answers.

“The water started to off from here and it came down. It basically started running down the side of the driveway and started filling up right here.

Ray Satchfield says flooding from a broken water main caused some serious damage to his house.

“The house is sunk in. Separation from our garage, broken concrete, flooded out, washed out driveway.”

He claims he contacted Illinois American Water right away, but they didn’t turn off the water until a week later.

“Them taking seven days to come out and fix the water main caused a lot more damage to my property.”

Satchfield says the house endured thousands of dollars in damage. This wall was newly painted before the flooding. 

“Plaster falling off. You can almost see right outside if come over here. You can see straight through the outside of the house. “

Ray says he doesn’t know how he will pay for the damages.

“I don't have the money to pay for it. I can't afford to pay for this. There is nothing I have.”

His own insurance says he needs a special rider to cover the damage.

The village says the problem is his responsibility because it involves private property- even though the break occurred up the road. Ray just wants Illinois American Water to help him out.

Illinois American Water tells us they give merit to each claim they receive and that this claim is still under investigation.         




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