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Woman Sues LaSalle County Over Strip Search

A Grundy County woman is suing LaSalle County because of a strip search deputies performed that she said was unnecessary.
LASALLE COUNTY – A Grundy County woman is suing LaSalle County over a forced strip search she said was unnecessary.

Video WMBD 31 news obtained shows 33-year-old Dana Holmes in the LaSalle County Jail in May.

Marseilles Police arrested Holmes earlier in the evening for drunk driving. She’s filed a federal lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department alleging the deputies violated her civil rights and caused her emotional harm after they stripped her of all clothing and left her in a holding cell.

Her lawyer, Terry Ekl, said the department committed official misconduct by strip searching her without justification.

The LaSalle County Sheriff said the state’s attorney will handle the case and as with any pending case, he is unable to comment.

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