Dozens Walk to Fight Substance Abuse

Dozens Walk to Fight Substance Abuse

More than $2,000 raised at fourth annual Abbey's Walk
PEKIN – Dozens of people walked around the Lake at Pekin’s Mineral Springs Park on Saturday for the fourth annual ‘Abbey’s Walk.’

"She hadn't been using all that long before it took her life,” said the event’s founder, Brenda Christensen.

The walk is in memory of her daughter, Abbey, who died from a drug overdose at just 20-years-old.

"For Abbey, her overdose came from something that she should not have gotten her hands on, which is methadone, which is given to heroin addicts," Christensen said.

The walk in Abbey’s name raises funds to help drug prevention efforts. Registration dollars will go to the Tazewood Center for Wellness to purchase and develop drug prevention programs.

"Trying to raise money that might help other people so they don't have to go through what our family went through," Christensen said.

"Every 19 minutes someone dies from a drug overdose in the U.S.," Tamara Olt said to the crowd after the walk.

Olt and Christensen share a similar tragedy.

"It was April of 2012 when Josh died from a heroin overdose," Olt said.

She pushed for the community to get more educated about drug abuse, while encouraging people to obtain an easy to use kit.

"Get the word out that I have naloxone, which is an opiate reverses opiate overdose. It can save a life immediately."

Olt said it can save people who can't get to an emergency room in time.

"No community is immune from this," she said.

The walk raised more than $2,000.
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