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East Peoria, Creve Coeur Receive State Money For Road Repairs

The two towns are receiving money for road repairs.

EAST PEORIA – Two Tazewell County towns are receiving a chunk of money for road repairs.


The state is investing $900,000 in East Peoria and more than $100,000 in  Creve Coeur.


East Peoria will use the money to reconstruct the bridge carrying Ridge Road over Farm Creek.


The city’s street supervisor said the money is a huge help. The bridge dates back to 1950, and would be an expensive project for the township.


Supervisor Ric Semonski said, “Each year, we struggle to fix storm sewers, and roadways, signs and stuff like that, not to mention keep up with mandates. So any available funds certainly help.”


Creve Coeur officials plan to use its portion to replace stop signs and yield signs.

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