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East Peoria Looking to Add Housing to Levee District

East Peoria officials are discussing the potential for housing in the city's new downtown.
EAST PEORIA – City officials in East Peoria are working on a plan to move the Levee District one step further.

The city council held a working session Tuesday evening to talk about residential development. Ty Livingston, the city’s planning and community development director said housing is a major component to the Levee District’s original plan.

There is 15 acres of land set aside for possible development. Officials said it would likely be an apartment complex. “It is hard to imagine that there isn't a section of the population that works at Caterpillar whether it's in AD or the other buildings that wouldn't enjoy that opportunity to live close to where they work."

Livingston said planning is still in the early stages. The goal of the Levee District is to provide a place to live, work and play.

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