El Paso Library Checking Out Well

El Paso Library Checking Out Well

EL PASO - On Friday, construction crews kept busy outside the El Paso Public Library.

EL PASO - On Friday, construction crews kept busy outside the El Paso Public Library.

Inside the 107 year old building, community members gathered in a space staff say is getting smaller.

"We've outgrown it," said Carla Skare, library director at El Paso.

The public has raised more than $750,000 for this new addition.

"Small monthly payments that some people are making. Some are larger, we even had a Readers Digest 'We Hear You America' grant. We won $10,000 in that contest," said Skare.

And after this $1.1 million boost from Secretary of State Jesse White, local leaders are happy for the community.

"You can delve from the attendance here today that the people of el paso are having a proud moment and I'm glad to be a part of it," said State Senator Jason Barickman.

But building on a historic site has some challenges.

"We're trying to honor the building without overshadowing it, and I think the architect has done a wonderful job with that," said Skare.

Long-time library users are thrilled to see this next step coming together.

"Growing up coming here as well, my kids are coming here. I've got three little girls that are a big part of it. They love reading, come here a lot, reading books and other things like that," said Alex Betts of El Paso.

And the younger generation is ready to build its own memories.

"I have grandchildren in the community now. They're little, too, only two years old, but it's going to be awesome because they're going to have this to use and be a part of," said Linda Haas, El Paso resident.

Library officials are hopeful the new wing will be complete by the end of the year. Otherwise, it could be early 2014 when it's ready for the public.

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