Extra Effort: Elmwood's Warner at top of class

Extra Effort: Elmwood's Warner at top of class

Sam Warner still hits the weight room to exercise his body and mind.

ELMWOOD - Even though football season is over, after school you can still find Sam Warner in the Trojans weight room.

"You always want to get as strong as you can as a lineman," said Sam Warner, Elmwood Senior. "To be able to block, you need to be strong.  Important to lift and get stronger in the off-season."

Strengthening his mind is also a priority to Warner. The senior is a savant with sports statistics."

"Like how many yards we need to get this play, every play," said Warner. "To get first down, drive down the field and score."

He's reasoned that his prep football career is over, but can still provide an example to the youngers players on the team."

"He probably looks at it like what else would he be doing at this time?  Probably nothing productive," said Todd Hollis, Elmwood Head Coach.

Just like on football field or weight room, Sam gets his work done of the classroom.  He has a 5.0 GPA.

"Comes easily to him, at times, but sometimes you get kids like that that might coast a little bit because they can.  He certainly doesn't do that.  He works hard at it," said Hollis.

"I've always been naturally smart and I work hard enough to keep the 5.0 out of 5.0," said Warner. "It's been a goal of mine."

Its easy to add up, the probability of him succeeding is 100-percent.

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