Extra Effort: Senior Pair a Hit in Farmington

Extra Effort: Senior Pair a Hit in Farmington

Alec Higgs and Jake Jeppson share this week's Extra Effort award

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - FARMINGTON, Ill. - Alec Higgs and Jake Jeppson are enjoying every minute of this football season and their senior years at Farmington.

 "It's going by a lot faster than any other year, junior high or anything," said Jeppson.

Higgs agreed. "I know it's gong to go by pretty quick. I don't want to leave but it's got to happen."

While both are standouts on the football field, both are getting done with the books. With nearly identical grade point averages (3.5), each is ranked in the top 20 in his class.

Both honored to be be first year members of the National Honor Society.

"It means a lot," said Higgs, a defensive end for the Farmers. "Knowing I can go to practice and still hold a position in the National Honor society and get good grades."

Jeppson, a defensive back and running back added: "It's nice to know that I can get my homework done, get good grades and play sports at the same time."

Plus both are taking the extra effort to be active in the Future Farmers of American program at the high school.

"In FFA, they have a field they plant every single year. That's how how they raise money," said Jeppson.

Active in school and good in the classroom, Higgs and Jeppson are now combining to make it a memorable football season at Farmington.

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