Family Becomes Latest Victims in Third Home Invasion

Family Becomes Latest Victims in Third Home Invasion

MO is same as recent invasions
PEORIA - A family in northwest Peoria is now the third set of victims in a series of armed home invasions.

There are a few similarities in how these crimes play out. The robbers enter through an unlocked door in the middle of the night, tie up the victims, then make away with stolen property in the victims own car.

The first was in the Weaver Ridge subdivision, the second in the Chadwick Estates neighborhood.

The most recent happened just after 4:00 Friday morning.

"Family in the residence was restrained. Obviously articles in the house were removed and one vehicle was taken," said Captain Mike Eddlemon from Peoria Police.

Before the sun even came up over 3107 Capitol Dr. at least two males came in through an unlocked back door with guns and tied them up, including the kids. Eddlemon said it's all too familiar.

"Obviously we're investigating this were also investigating the other cases that are similar and appear to be related."

Could they all be targeted? A copycat? Police say they don't know at this point. But Bruce White, president of the neighborhood association that includes Capitol Drive said he doesn't want it to happen again in his area.

"Keep an eye out for your neighbors. We typically try to tell our members to do that anyway. Be very vigilant, know what's going on," White said.

"Is someone walking around checking doors? That is a possibility. I can't say for sure, I can't say not," Eddlemon said.

That's why White said people need to get out of the mindset that it can't happen to them.

"Not locking our cars. We're safe we leave our houses open sometimes and garage doors up, but obviously makes sense to keep your house and automobile as secure as you can."

Although police say there are no suspects at this time, there is a special investigation team set up and they’re looking into all of these cases.
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