FEMA Disaster Assessments to Start Monday

FEMA Disaster Assessments to Start Monday

Here's what you need to know.
PEORIA - On Monday FEMA will start its damage assessments in Central Illinois.

FEMA says people with insurance should first settle with their agents. FEMA won't duplicate what people receive in claims, but it can supplement the difference if people are under insured.

People need to register by January 26th and losing your home isn't the only reason to sign up.

“You may have lost your job, your job may have been affected because of where you work was damaged. Maybe the factory was damaged seriously. A business was damaged where you work. Disaster unemployment assistance is going to be available in this disaster declaration,” said Don Jacks, FEMA external affairs officer.

There are few different avenues for people to register:

Online: disasterassistance.gov
Mobile Website: m.fema.gov
Phone: 800-621-FEMA (800-621- 3362)
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